Sunshine, Playtime & Muddy Paws


Your best furry friend will enjoy playtime with other guests and interaction with the iLuckyDog Associates in our 5000 square foot, indoor, air-conditioned play yard and 25,000 square feet of grassy park.

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dog boarding daycare day care pool splash pad lucky iluckydog lodging grooming spa
A small dog splash pad, designed especially for the little ones to enjoy a summer splash.
A large dog splash pad for our guests to have a hot day cool down.
dog boarding daycare day care pool splash pad lucky iluckydog lodging grooming spa
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A 25,000 gallon bone shaped pool with a beach entry and sloped sides for easy walk in and out.
The combined play area indoor and outdoor can be partitioned with our custom mobile fencing to ensure your pet is with their like playmates for their happiness and safety.
Down time will be managed to ensure your pet has rest in-between the fun. Air flow lounges are provided.

Our entire facility is double fenced to ensure every guest is secure during their stay with us.

Nite Care: The difference between our Day Care and Nite Care is only the time of day, because we are open 24/7, our Nite Care is simply at night. If you are spending the night on the town, if you have a house full of company or guests, your pet can spend the time with us.
We will ensure your pet gets plenty of exercise, fresh air, fun and rest on our air flow lounges.

We follow the AKC guideline of one (1) iLuckyDog Associate per 12-15 guests.
Because each guests has completed an iLuckyDog Personality Review, we will know what play group and type of play best suits your pet for their happiness and safety.

Pricing is simple and flexible.

Rate is $5.00 per hour

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