Sunshine, Playtime & Muddy Paws


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DayCare is included. Each guest will enjoy multiple playtime sessions throughout the day in the 5000 square foot air conditioned indoor play yard (The Arena), or in the 25,000 square feet of grassy park including (pet parent approved) access to the 25,000 gallon bone shaped pool, small dog splash pad or large dog splash pad.

Large Suites are 64 square feet inside with an 80 square feet patio.
Regular Suite are 36 square feet inside with an 48 square feet patio.

Large Suite will accommodate up to 200 lbs. combined weight of each family pet staying together in one suite.
Regular Suite will accommodate up to 100 lbs. combined weight of each family pet staying together in one suite.

Both the indoor room and patio are covered in a soft padded floor for relief of paw stress and general comfort of our guests.

Each patio has a raised, cool air flow lounge and a ceiling fan.

Each indoor space is fitted with a custom bed with and oversized 5 inch thick memory foam mattress with soft plush covers.
Each suite has a fresh flow water station to ensure each guest always has readily available fresh water.
Raised dining stations to support your pet's digestive system, relieves neck, back and hip pain and helps keep dining area clean.

Each suite has a Flat screen TV fitted at guest eye level, we feature the music of 'Relax My Dog', or we can tune in any choice of TV or movie programs, music or even scrolling family photos.
Each suite includes a tablet allows the pet parent to utilize Skype to look in on their pet or even video conference with them.

Our onsite, full service Veterinarian, The Campus Vets, will give a daily health check on each guest to ensure that any concerns are kept in check or addressed as need to ensure the happiness and good health of each guest.

Medications will be administered by our onsite, full service Veterinarian - The Campus Vets.
Each guest wears a color coded break-away collar when outside their suite to help the iLuckyDog Associates identify the service each guest is check in.
Additionally, the collar is fitted with color bands to help identify anything special about the guest, such as 'cannot swim', 'has a medical matter', etc..

Regular rates:
65.00 per 24 hours.
35.00 per each additional guest. of the same family, in the same suite
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