Sunshine, Playtime & Muddy Paws

Does the price seem high?

understand it. compare us. please.

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When looking for the perfect place for your furry family while you are away,
here are some questions should you be asking.

Come on down and take a tour, any time, any day.
We'll be happy to show you around and answer any other questions you want to ask us.

Question: What does "inclusive" mean?
iLuckyDog: Inclusive means that the the price for each service is all you pay. There are no hidden fees, no additional charges. See Value for more information.

Question: What is the price for lodging?
iLuckyDog: Our prices are based on 24 hours of stay; like a car rental vs a hotel stay.

A Simple Example: Thursday 7:00pm drop off - Sunday 7:00pm pick up

Thursday 7:00pm - Friday 7:00pm = 65.00
Friday 7:00pm - Saturday 7:00pm = 65.00
Saturday 7:00pm - Sunday 7:00pm = 65.00
Total cost 195.00

No minimum stay
No deposit required
No cancellation fee
No breed restrictions
membership for more information

We welcome you to get the same scenario quoted anywhere for price and value comparison.

Question: What are your hours for drop off and pick up? Is that every day of the week?
iLuckyDog: We are open and fully staffed 24/7. You may drop off or pick up any time of any day with no additional costs. You may also call and talk with an onsite iLuckyDog Associate 24/7 or come by for a tour 24/7.

Question: What size is the room where my pet will stay are the room private or is there open fencing?
iLuckyDog: Large Suites are 8'X8' inside, each with 8'X10' patio and Regular Suites are 6'X6' inside, each with 6'x8' patio.
All indoor and outdoor suite spaces are private with insulated block walls between each suite with a door with adjustable blinds on the inside entrance.
The patio has a fencing opening at the end only for the guest to enjoy the sun, the breeze and the view.

Question: Is the floor concrete, tile or other?
iLuckyDog: All floors indoor and patios are soft rubber to protect feet and joints.

Question: Do we bring our pet's bed from home?
iLuckyDog: We provide oversized 5" thick memory foam mattresses on a raised bed frame. If you would like to bring the cover from their bed or a favorite blanket we will put it over the mattress.

Question: How many times do you take them out each day?
iLuckyDog: DayCare is included. We take each guest out to run, play, sniff around and take care of business at least every 2 hours until bedtime . Playtime is accommodated based on the activity level and personality of each guest. We accommodate the guests need for private play if necessary, and other needs that give them the happiest and best experience.

Question: Do you have music, TV and cameras?
iLuckyDog: Each suite has a tablet that with a private connection for you only to log in and see you pet or you can even talk to them. Each suite has flat screen TV that will play 'Relax my Dog' music or anything you want us to play for your pet. If they like a specific genre, a favorite movie or TV show, let us know - we'll put it on!

The entire property, all the exterior and interior is covered by a camera surveillance system that is motion activated and has a single click direct link to 911 emergency services.
We do not publish the video from our surveillance as a safety measure for your pet. Because some pets may have high monetary value, high market value, at risk to be part of domestic disputes or a host of other things, while in our care, we choose to keep your pet and all pets they associate with under the highest safety discretion.
The iLuckyDog associate carry smartphones at all times and they take hundreds of pictures and videos while they are with our guests. If you want us to text or email these to you while you are away, just let us know.

Question: What products do you use to clean? Follow up question: Is it bleach or chlorine based?
iLuckyDog: The product we use is made by the
Virox company. The product is branded under multiple product names for a variety of industries such as multiple medical industries, animal industries, cruise ships, aviation, and janitorial industries, plus disaster management, mold remediation. The same product is branded for companion animal use and is called Rescue. As bleach/chlorine do not not clean, and takes 30 minutes contact to disinfect, we have chosen to use Rescue as it cleans, and disinfects in 5 minutes.
We have no drains that get built up with muck and hair that harbor and breed viruses, bacteria and disease. We have a fully integrated cleaning system in every building that after the Rescue has been allowed to clean and disinfect the area the system functions like a wet/dry vacuum system that removes all the waste to a central drain where the solids are captured for disposal and the liquid is washed away to the sanitary sewer system.
The bedding for each suite is changed daily, water and food bowls are cleaned and disinfected in a commercial dishwasher and the floors and walls are cleaned and disinfected daily.

Question: Do you have a pool and how much does it cost to use it?
iLuckyDog: We have a 25,000 gallon, bone shaped, salt water pool, a large splash pad and a small splash pad. There is no additional charge for our guests to use the pool or splash pads and there is no time limit. If your pet likes to swim or if it may be a first experience around a pool, we will monitor them to try it out and we have life vests if they like it, but are less that avid swimmers. The pool is at the pet parent's discretion. If you do not want your pet in or around the pool, or to get wet from the splash pads we will accommodate your request.

Questions: If my dog requires medication or has a health concern either prior to or develops during their stay, what do you do and what does it cost?
iLuckyDog: We have an on-site, full service veterinarian.
The Campus Vets. All prescription meds are administered by The Campus Vets at no additional cost. The Campus Vets do a daily health check on each lodging guest and reviews any concerning changes in feeding, weight, temperament, or physical concern. If there is any concern with your pet while in our care and with your permission, The Campus Vets will do an assessment and will contact you for discussion prior to treatment.

Question: My dog is older and prefers to lay around, how often will they check on them?
iLuckyDog: Our Associates ensure that every guest has one on one time every day for belly rubs and scratches and loves. No additional cost for loving to spend time with our guests.

Question: What are your daycare hours and price?
iLuckyDog: Because we are open 24/7/365 we offer day and nite care. If you want to go downtown to a game, a concert, a show or just dinner, you can leave your furry family with us to ensure they are happy and safe. This can give you peace of mind that they won't be stuck in a kennel, won't tear things up out of boredom or from separation anxiety. Around the clock you can leave your best friend with us and we will play with them and let them rest on our comfort cots. Day|Nite Care prices are 5.00 per hour.

Question: What if it is the heat of the Texas summer or raining outside?
iLuckyDog: We have a 5000 sqft indoor play arena, that is air conditioned (or heated), covered in a soft rubber flooring. We can separate this space with mobile fencing to accommodate multiple play groups as needed.

Question: What are the requirements for my pet to stay here?
iLuckyDog: Please see our website, on the
Membership page.
- Vaccinations: Rabies, DA2PP, Bordetella/Parainfluenza, Lepto, Canine Flu (H3N8 & H3N2)
- Be spayed/neutered.
Due to health and social reasons and risks, we would recommend you research the subject sited by the AVMA (American Veterinary Medicine Association), the ASPCA and the Humane Society.
- Have a microchip.
iLuckyDog requires microchip as we are committed to the greater good. Please see the information here or on the AVMA
- Undergo a personality review by iLuckyDog.
The review is for us to best understand what environment, activities, people, other pets and routine provides the happiest situation for your pet.
- Be on a Heartworm & Flea Preventative
- Six (6) months minimum age

Question: What safety measures do you offer?
iLuckyDog: We are fully staffed 24/7/365. Our property is fully enclosed in double fencing and completely covered and mounted with exterior and interior cameras with a one click contact to 911. All doors are coded access. Though our physical plant is primarily concrete and steel, we have emergency procedures in place for minimal to catastrophic emergencies. We have fully executable emergency call procedure to bring immediate help to the facility to ensure our guests are safe in place or moved safely to a safe location.
During the recent floods from Harvey, though access to our facility was cut off, our buildings and yards were dry.