Sunshine, Playtime & Muddy Paws


Sunshine Park consist of 25,000 square feet of outdoor grassy play yard, including a 25,000 gallon bone shaped pool with sloped sides for easy in and out and a beach entry for those that prefer a more gradual entry.

iLuckyDog have six (6) Powerloo pet toilets mounted in refresh stations throughout the park. These toilets are designed to flush away pet waste and that means no smell in the garbage, no plastic in the landfills and no risk of the waste leaching into the water ways or the spread of disease. iLuckyDog is committed to doing our part to keep our resources safe and clean.

Members can hang out with their pets to the Sunshine park for a nominal daily fee. Multi-day passes are good for one year from the date of purchase.

Regular rates: per membership, days do not need to be used consecutive.
30 day pass - 195.00
20 day pass - 140.00
10 day pass - 75.00
1 day pass - 8.00

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