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What if you could have a one-stop solution for all your dogs needs?

At iLuckyDog Pet Campus we cultivate an environment where you don’t have to compromise your active lifestyle with being a pet parent.

Pets are family and have created an ideal environment for your pets enjoyment, with adequate space, a variety of amenities and high quality services. Our vision is to raise the level of service in the pet care industry for the animals and the pet parents equally.

Our strategic direction is to be comparable to the highest levels of the hospitality industry. We cultivate a “Think Different” culture and constantly ask “What could make this better?”

We encourage our employees to have fun with the quests, give extra time, extra love and think of what will make each pets stay better.

We currently offer all-inclusive, resort style dog boarding and daycare with a full grooming salon and will continue to grow our offering to create a one-stop dog shop for all your needs.

We are membership based, setting us apart from the rest. Our membership fee is minimal and covers up to four pets in the same family for their lifetime. Our membership requirements are not that different from the rest with a few exceptions that we feel strongly about.

We require all quests to be spayed and neutered for health, safety and behavior. We require the Leptospirosis vaccine which protects against 4 serovars of a bacteria called leptospires. This vaccine not only protects the recipient of the vaccine, but also eliminates shedding of the bacteria through the urine into the environment.
Leptospirosis is a zoonotic disease that causes serious illness in dogs and people following direct or indirect exposure to the urine of an infected animal. This bacteria can live in water or warm, wet soil. The disease can seriously affect the kidneys, liver, brain, lungs and heart.

We do not require the Canine Flu but strongly recommend it.

We also require that our members have a microchip and we have a chip reader that reads all the different frequencies of chip makers. We’ve offered microchipping as a service in the past and plan to reinstate it in the near future. Studies indicate that only about 22 percent of lost dogs that entered the animal shelters were reunited with their families. However, the return-to-owner rate for microchipped dogs was over 52% (a 238% increase).

We provide our members unlimited use of all campus amenities without restrictions with a hospitality mindset equivalent to the all-inclusive resorts we choose for our vacations. Some campus amenities include; a 25,000 gallon bone shaped, saltwater pool with beach entry around all sides, a small and large dog park with ±25,000 real grass to run and play and a 5,000 sq ft temperature controlled indoor arena. We changed the traditional nickel and dime model to offer simple all-inclusive pricing with unmatched amenities.

At iLuckyDog, we are commitment to environmental stewardship. We use pet safe, cleaning agents free of harsh chemicals. We have no drains to harbor bacteria and smell. We have six Powerloo toilets on campus that connect direct to sewer lines. This eliminates the need to use plastic bags which contribute to landfills. It also stops bacteria from leaching into the groundwater. We keep as much as 99% of all dog waste on our property out of the trash and landfills. Customers consistently compliment us on how our campus smells so clean. That’s because we don’t mask odors, we prevent them from happening.

We are in the process of adding retail to support our talented, local, community vendors. We are actively looking for a reputable trainer and have a finished, freestanding build-out ready for veterinarian services. Life doesn’t stop so we offer our service 24/7/365. We offer complete flexibility to our members, upping the level of customer service in the industry. We are on a mission to provide the highest level of comprehensive services for the greater good of life with your dog.

We are 5-star in safety, comfort, value, technology and cleanliness!
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iLuckyDog Pet Campus
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