The Suite Life

At iLuckyDog campus we realize how hard it is to be away from your babies! Caring for your pet is our privilege and we have done everything to ensure safety, superior comfort and happiness while providing you peace of mind.
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All-inclusive Daycare is included for all lodging guests at no extra charge as well as exit baths are included so you go home with a clean and happy dog.

Each guest enjoys multiple supervised playtimes throughout the day with unlimited use of all campus amenities, without restriction.

Amenities include our 5,000sf air conditioned/heated Muddy Paws Arena with soft padded flooring, great for those not-so-great weather days and training, multiple park areas totaling ±30,000sf of real grassy yard to run and play separated into a large and small dog park with additional grassy runs, our popular 25,000 gallon, bone-shaped, saltwater pool with grooved beach entry (pet parent approved).

Since we are all-inclusive here are examples of things you don’t pay extra for:
  • Extra cuddle time - Extra love is encouraged!
  • Extra outside time. We have our dogs out at least every two hours until bedtime. Our bedtime is 10pm. If the dogs are restless in the evening they can go back out to potty, play or even go for a night swim!
  • Use of Muddy Paws Arena and spacious outdoor play yards
  • Treats, meds, other special requests are accommodated by request
  • Exit baths included with lodging
  • One on one time with staff
  • Access to toys
  • Pool time or splashed - each guests can enjoy without limitations

About our Suites

Large Suites: 64sf inside with access to a 80sf private patio. Each patio has a raised, cool air flow lounge and a ceiling fan. Guests love to enjoy the fresh air or catch the sunrise from their own private patio.

Regular Suites: 36sf inside with an 48sf private patio. Both the indoor room and patio are covered in a soft padded floor for relief of paw stress and general comfort of our guests.

  • Each indoor space is fitted with a custom bed and and oversized 5 inch thick memory foam mattress with soft plush covers.
  • Each suite has a fresh flow water station to ensure each guest always has readily available fresh water.
  • Raised dining stations to support your pet's digestive system, relieves neck, back and hip pain and helps keep dining area clean.
  • Each suite has a flat screen TV fitted at guest eye level. We play 'Relax My Dog' music or audio/video of your choice to suite your dogs routine.
  • Each suite includes a tablet allowing the pet parent to have a private login on the companion app to see, hear and speak to your dog. Although, speaking may be kind of weird for some pets.
  • We use effective pet safe cleaning agents, no harsh chemicals and have no drains on property to collect muck.

Multiple Dogs? No Problem!
Large Suites will accommodate up to 200lbs. combined weight of each family pet staying together in one suite.
Regular Suites will accommodate up to 100lbs. combined weight of each family pet staying together in one suite.

Need more space? We have 'bedroom doors' between select suites to give guests access to two rooms.

Our Lodging rates are based on a full 24 hour period vs a per night rate.
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Have a special request? Just ask!

iLuckyDog Pet Campus
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